We Had So Much Fun
SEPTEMBER 17, 2019
There is always something going on in our class, always an engaging moment to remember. It is a class of English Synergy Program (ESyP), which is specially provided for Telkom University International Class students.
This time we had a fun and enjoyable, yet challenging activity. So, have a comfortable position, get relaxed, and have a nice reading!
LaC Open House 2019
AUGUST 16, 2019
On August 16th, Language Center of Telkom University held LaC Open House. In this event, LaC invited all TelUTizen--Telkom University academia--and all of the partners, to get familiar with the cultures of countries around the world.
English Profiling 2019
MARCH 28, 2019
English Profiling is an English proficiency level assessment of Telkom University students. This test identifies students’ mastery on basic vocabulary, grammar, and daily expressions.
Language Center of Telkom University
Grha Cacuk Sudarijanto A 1st Floor
Jl. Telekomunikasi No. 1 Terusan Buah Batu
Bandung 40257