Monday, October 07, 2019 - LaC Open House

LaC Open House

On August 16th, Language Center of Telkom University held LaC Open House. In this event, LaC invited all TelUTizen--Telkom University academia--and all of the partners, to get familiar with the cultures of countries around the world.  

The smell of Mandhee Rice and Tteokbboki enveloped the first floor of Grha Cacuk Sudarijanto-A on August 16th morning. Colorful ornaments were hanging in the corridors, welcoming visitors to get closer to the main venue of LaC Open House. Six national flags sized 50 x 25 cm were attached behind the stage, which was minimally set knee-high.

Six Countries
Indonesia, China, Saudi Arabia, Japan, South Korea, and The UK/The USA participated in this event. Each provided their cuisine and a photobooth session, with a complete set of costumes and backgrounds of each country’s landscape. 

Cuisine and Costumes
The foods , even though not new for most vis-­itors, ran out in no time. Who could resist the shining colorful sushi, the authentic quesad-­illa and nachos, the mandhee rice which is full of spices, and the famous dim sum? But hey, if you think visitors could get their hands on the food freely, then you are wrong. Visitors must face the challenges given in each food stall, such as doing English, Korean, and Japanese tongue twisters, reading Arabic writings, and answers the questions. They also had a chance to have conversation with a native speakers.

Unlimit the limitation!
The goal of this event, as said by The Manager of Language Center Rita Destiwati, M.Si, was to highlight the limitation created by differences in cultures. Those  issues would result in misunderstanding, an obstacle that hampers relationship. Emphasizing this, the Manager stated that languages were the solution to this. Languages can bridge the communication between two nations, even among many.
In this occasion, some bands and dance clubs presented their best performances, such as Nippon Bunka-Bu, Komunitas Korea, JAV Band, and special performances from Juicy Luicy.
The number of visitors of LaC Open House reached over 700, which was spread out to different country booths, photobooth, and the performance.

Language Center of Telkom University
Grha Cacuk Sudarijanto A 1st Floor
Jl. Telekomunikasi No. 1 Terusan Buah Batu
Bandung 40257