Monday, October 07, 2019 - We Had So Much Fun

We Had So Much Fun

There is always something going on in our class, always an engaging moment to remember. It is a class of English Synergy Program (ESyP), which is specially provided for Telkom University International Class students. 
This time we had a fun and enjoyable, yet challenging activity. So, have a comfortable position, get relaxed, and have a nice reading! 

Rule number 1!
Anyway, there are some important rules that we need to commit to in our ESyP class, they're the confidence to speak up and being good partners for each other to practice the language.

Play with imagination
This morning, I brought my students to the imagination of living a world where Google map or alike doesn't exist. Therefore, the only thing they need to help themselves as well as the people around them is the language.

Today’s act
This morning we learned a variety of expres-­sions we can use to ask for and give direc-­tions. Besides, we also learned some polite languages for asking the same things. Everyone in the class took part in becoming a model to say/pronounce each expression cor-­rectly. We listened to each of them carefully and copied the given model. Everyone was so pleased to be part of the class activity.
What we did then were listing popular places in Bandung and drawing a map of it on the board. Those who haven’t been to a particular place on the board ask those who have been to that place (asking and giving directions) according to the drawn map.

At the end of the class, I always have something that my students wait for. Do you know what it is? Of course it is THE GAME! The game we played is called The Battle Tanks. The class was divided into 4 teams. Each team occupies a corner, which serves as their basecamps. We started with the first 2 students from each team, one player was the tank and the other one was the tank’s driver. The four players who were the tanks were blindfolded and four soft balls were placed on the floor somewhere in the room. The four tanks then stood in a circle in the middle of the class.
he drivers' task was to guide their tank to a ball by giving directions, e.g. go straight, turn right, etc. A tank that successfully found the ball can use it as an ammunition to fire. The driver then guided the tank to fire on one of the other three tanks, e.g. aim higher, to the left, etc. When successfully hitting one of the tanks, a team scored a point and the one fired stopped playing. However, if the ball missed, the driver guided the tank to grab the ball again. We went on till there was only one tank and driver left.
Everyone in the class was so enthusiastic to play. We practiced and laughed a lot that day.

Pipo Nuramirah
English Instructor
Along with other English instructors, Pipo Nuramirah is an instructor for English courses, including English improvement program for International Classes.
Language Center of Telkom University
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