English Self-Access Program (ESAP) is an English program packaged in various activities. Participants are able to improve their English proficiency and explore activities they favor, at the same time. The participants can explore activities with the assistance of the tutors or instructors. The following table shows the lists of ESAP Facilities ad Activities:







Autonomous Learning

English Oasis (EO)

Through this facility, the participants get engaged with refreshing and playful English activities.

Games, Board Games, Scrabble







Learning with Tutors & Helpers

English Public Speaking Zone (EPSZ)

This facility is meant to help participants improve their public speaking skills.

Describing Things, Presentation, Speech, Story Telling


Professional Zone (PZ)


For participants who wish to be engaged in speaking activities that could expose them to the professional world, Professional Zone could assist them so.

Master of Ceremony, Newscasting, Weather Forecast, Live Report, Talk Show, Radio Announcer, Job Interview, Tour Guide, Selling Things


Integrated Learning (InteL)

Integrated Learning is an activity combining four language skills, namely Listening, Reading, Speaking, and Writing.

Exploring the integrated activities Listening – Speaking (Spoken skills) and Reading – Writing (Written Skills)


Reading-Writing Room (RWR)

In this facility, tutors will assist participants with variety of reading and writing activities.

Book Review, Creative Writing


Learning Assisted by Instructors

English Study Group (ESG)

This facility fits for participants who want to learn more about discreet skills of English. Besides that, the participants who need assistance for their group English assignment are suggested to take this facility.  

Exploring, learning, and discussing: Grammar, Vocabulary, Pronunciation, Listening, Reading, Writing

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