Translation and Proofreading



Translation and proofreading are services concerning documents including official,academic, and general documents


Three Kinds of Translators and Proofreaders


No Type of Translator/Proofreaders Documents
1 Experienced Translator/Proofreader;Native Profreader General Documents and Academic Documents: Official letters, agreement letters,journal articles, books, manual instructions,brochures, magazines, modules,and other documents
2 Sworn Translator Official documents: ID Card, Birth Certificate, Marriage Certificate, Family Certificate, Academic Transcripts, and other official documents


Processing Time




No Type of Translator/Proofreaders Processing Time
1 Experienced Translator/Proofreader;Native Profreader 5 Working days
2 Sworn Translator 5-10 working days
1 Experienced Translator/Proofreader;Native Profreader 5-10 Working days

Other Information

1. The page format is A4 paper, double space, font Calibri, size 12 and 2.5cm margins for all sides

2. For official document, the page format depends on the original document

3. For native proofreader, if the number of pages is more than 10 pages(LaC page format), the processing time is more than 10 days

4. For Experienced translator/proofreaders :

    a) If the number of pages is two or less (LaC page format), the processing time can be less than five working days depending on the document loads

    b) If the number of pages is more than 15(LaC page format), the processing time can be more than 5 working days


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