English Self-Access Program

English Self-Acces Program (ESAP) is an english program packaged in various activities. Participants are able to improve their English proficiency and explore activities they favor, at the same time. 

Starting the year of 2010, ESAP was established to improve Telkom University students’ English Proficiency. Right now, there are eight (8) facilities that you can explore when you choose the three types of English Language courses:

  1. Basic
  2. Plus
  3. Exclusive



The ESAP facilities are:

  1. Multimedia (Software) Zone

In this facility, you can explore many kinds of language learning software. You can enhance your vocabulary and practice your pronunciation. The Room for Multimedia (Software) Zone is A109.


       2. Reading-Writing Room

In this facility, friendly and helpful ESAP tutors will assist you with variety of reading and writing activities. The room for this facility is A107b.


       3. English Oasis and English Study Group

In this facility, you can explore learning English by playing many kinds of board games and other interactive games. Helpful ESAP tutors will guide you. In addition, you can also select learning grammar or sentences and have the ESAP tutors give meaningful examples to boost up your English skills. The room for this facility is A107a.


       4. Professional Zone and English Clinic

This facility is actually for individual learner. But you can have a small group of friends and improve your public speaking skills. At the same time, you can have one-on-one consultation with friendly and helpful ESAP Tutors to improve your self-confidence and also your English skills. The room for this facility is A106b.


        5. Integrated Learning

In this facility, you will have a combination of the four basic language skills: listening, reading, speaking, and writing all together. You will have fun by singing along or watching movies. Afterwards, you will have activities to improve your speaking and writing skills. The room for this facility is A106a.


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