Language Center is a unit under Career Development Center. We are committed to improve English proficiency of both Telkom University academia and external. We are also the official site test for ITP TOEFL and we provide the preparation course for ITP TOEFL. In addition, we provide English Proficiency Test (EPrT) and English Communicative Competence Test (ECCT), which measure your English competence in receptive and productive skills.



Language Center Profile

Manager of Language Center

Rita Destiwati, S.S., M.Si

Undeniably, languages are media to bridge across nations throughout the world to communicate, share knowledge and information, and consolidate multilingual and multicultural relationship. For that purpose, Language Center of Telkom University is committed to bring Telkom University academia and Indonesian society to the global world.

Starting in 2007, Language Center was established under Institution and Language Development Unit. In its development, we constantly develop ourselves, prepare the staff, and support Telkom University academia to participate in international community. Presently Language Center becomes the strategic partner for Telkom University to grow into a world-class university.


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