English Self-Access Program (ESAP)


ESAP stands for English Self-Access Program. This program is designed to assist Tel-U academia and ESAP Members to improve their English communication competence skills. It is one of the programs funded by Directorate General of Higher Education (DIKTI) in 2009 – 2011. Since 2012, ESAP runs under Language Center of Telkom University.

By joining this program, you can practice and improve your English competence skills through various activities. Here is the activity facilitated by ESAP:

English Public Speaking Zone (EPSZ) Describing things, presentation, speech, story telling Tel-U new students; ESAP Membership
Professional Zone (PZ) MC, news casting, weather forecast, live report, talk show, radio announcer, job interview, tour guide, selling things
Multimedia Zone (MZ) Movie mania, dubbing time, listening time, song time
English Oasis (EO) Drama, scrabble, games
English Café (EC) Cooking time
English Call Center (ECC) Chit-chat, role-play, discussion, consultation, information center ESAP Membership
English Study Group (ESG) EPrT preparation, ECCT preparation
ESAP Clinics Speaking, writing
ESAP Software Rosetta Stone, Pronunciation, Tell Me More, etc.


For details regarding the fees or other information such as schedules and payment process, please click the link below to download ESAP brochure:


How to Register


ESAP Membership Registration for Even Semester A.Y. 2015/2016

Dear Telkom University students. Language Center Telkom University would like to announce the registration for ESAP Membership for this even semester has open. For further information regarding the benefits and registration process please follow the link below:   Flyers ESAP Memb
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